Biafran Memories Evoked by 'Half a Yellow Sun'


Biafran Memories evoked by "Half a Yellow Sun"

David Strain and Andrew MacCormack reviewed Half of a Yellow Sun on page 10 of the Winter, 2006 FON Newsletter [Newsletter Volume 11 Winter 2006].  Sarah Robinson at the publisher Alfred A Knopf gave 10 copies of the book to FON, and they were offered to the membership in exchange for Reminiscences of Biafra.  The reminiscences were shared with Chimamanda Adichie’s website, which has gone obsolete.  The author has her own website with additional information:

Some of the submissions will be published in the FON Newsletter, but the newsletter has space limitations and it is just black and white.  The beauty of the web is that we are not constrained by size or space limitations, and we can quickly include color pictures or images of non-electronic documents.  If you are inspired, feel free to offer up your own recollection.  There is an audience for your memories!

Recollections or Testimony regarding the Nigeria - Biafra War

Biafra Remembered                           Chuck Ahlgren, Nigeria 4 (1962-64)

Under Curfew, a Biafran Sketch       Robert J Attaway, Nigeria 18 (1965-67)

Midwest Evacuation                          John L Buchanan, Ghana 1 (1961-62) Nigerian Staff 1967

Evacuation from Biafra                     Ned Greeley, Nigeria 23 (1966-67)

A Mass Murderer of Children          Tom Hebert, Nigeria 04 (1962-64)

Invasion                                              Herbert How, Nigeria 20 (1966-67)

The World is Deep - Biafran Airlift    David Koren, Nigeria 9 (1963-66)

Nigeria-Biafra Senate Hearings        Phyllis McClure, Nigeria 1 (1961-63) &

                                                               Ned Greeley, Nigeria 23 (1966-67)

Letters and Notes from Biafra          Jonathan B Seale, Nigeria 24 (1966-67)

Biafra's "Invasion" of Gombe            Joel Wingard, Nigeria 22 (1966-68)


Here are the submissions not directly related to the war:

A Fellowship in Eastern Nigeria        Judith McKay Sides, Nigeria 2 (1961-63)

A bu Onye Ohafia: The View from the Porch     Martin R Wong, Nigeria 5 (1962-64)

Stories from the 2008 Nigeria Reunion Trip

Stories from FON 2008 Nigeria Reunion Trip

Several stories were printed in the Winter 2008 FON Newsletter.  The first 3 stories were included in the Newsletter  The other 4 stories were not included there.

Bob Criso Going Back                      By Bob Criso, Nigeria 21 (1966-67)

Lalupon Town                                    By Charlene Baldwin, Nigeria 24 (1966-68)

Not an Ordinary Houseboy              By Jody Keller, Nigeria 23 (1966-67)

Renate Schultz's Visit to Ife            Renate Schultz, Nigeria 7 (1963-65)

Local Paper's Preview                     of Bob Criso's Return to Ishiagu

Bob Criso's Return to Ishiagu        Andy Simmonds, Nigeria 18 (1966-67)

Agents of Change                            Bob Criso, Nigeria 21 (1966-67)

Stories from the Old Website

Stories contributed to the old website:

A Year Spent with Albert Schwitzer on WikiFON.

A Year Spent with Albert Schwitzer as a .pdf.

JFK University of Michigan Speech -- Background and text


Stories from Friends of Nigeria members

The Archbishop of Kaduna

Football and the White House